Newzealand International cricket Series

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ICC Champions Trophy 2017

India vs Pakistan FINAL

Sunday 18 June 17 @ The Oval
Match scheduled to begin at 10:30 local time (09:30 GMT)

Newzealand International cricket Series

Newzealand cricket History

The modern history of New Zealand begins in 1642 when Dutch explorer Abel Tasman landed on Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) and in New Zealand. Working for the Dutch East India Company, he had set out from Batavia (now Djakarta) and was supposed to find and explore Australia, which had been sighted by Willem Jansz in 1606, but he sailed along the wrong latitude, too far to the south, and missed it completely, finally sighting Tasmania instead. Tasman named New Zealand as Staten Landt and sailed north along the west coast. He thought the Cook Strait was a bight and that New Zealand was a single entity, not two islands. He landed somewhere on South Island and was attacked by Maori, who killed four of his sailors. He returned to Batavia by way of Tonga and Fiji. In 1644, despite a further voyage by Tasman to the north coast of Australia, the Dutch East India Company could not see anything promising in his findings, either for trade or as a naval route, and decided not to fund further exploration of the area. As a result, it was over a century before Europeans mounted any more expeditions to Australia and New Zealand, though a few ships off course did land there from time to time.

Newzealand Cricket Series and Results

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